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What is Wonderfest?

Is Wonderfest a new gaming festival in Australia? It seems like something is cooking up down here and we are super excited!

We don't know much about it yet, but it seems like we have something to look forward to here in Australia. With covid restrictions slowly being managed by the states and the possibility of events and festivals coming back online in Australia, it seems like perfect timing. What we do know is that it seems like Wonderfest is placing itself as a Digital & Gaming festival. Something akin to PAX or Dreamhack. They have announced 4 zones so far, maybe with more to come.

WonderLAN, a world where you bring your own machine, hook up and play with up to 1000 other festival attendees. Boasting tournaments with their own prize pools, computer building competitions and much more.

WonderLive, their live stream element, probably on twitch and youtube. WonderLive is being said to be a 24hour stream, alongside the 24hour event, constantly hosting and showing what is going on at the festival.

WonderCon is what we would expect of a festival like this. Latest tech, gadgets and more. We would love to have some Australian exclusive announcements right in our own backyard. With more and more developers being lured into the Australian scene, we are hopeful of some exciting games.

WonderLeague. EsportsAus is super excited about this one. Although there are some tournaments coming back like ESL and Melbourne Esports really leading the way for Australia, to have multiple titles with huge prize pools will be the kicker. Can we get international interest? That will depend on what they can do.

From what limited information we can gather, it is to be set in Sydney, Australia.

Unlike Melbourne, Sydney has not been exposed to much in the way of gaming festivals or conventions, and this one seems to be a big one. Australia is in dire need to catch up to the rest of the world when it comes to Esports and gaming, Wonderfest might just be what Australia needs to get it on the map and get people listening.

Check out their website, and maybe even subscribe. It looks like it's going to be epic! Wonderfest | Australia's Digital & Gaming Festival

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