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PUBG Global Championship 2021

FURY to represent Australia at this years PUBG Global Championship with a $2M + Prize Pool.

They may have placed 4th in the APAC PUBG Continental Series 5, but FURY Global is just warming up as they get ready to head to the global championships in November. FURY Global has been representing PUBG for quite some time now with some incredible talent on the Australian scene.

Their squad comprises Lachlan "Fludd" Thompson as their (Starter), Nathan "kikamucoww" Lynham as their (Captain), Matt "Ronon" Lee as their Sniper & Jesse "Insight" Spencer as their (IGL). Having competed together for a couple of years now, placing well at multiple continental series, the team has just been getting stronger & stronger.

PUBG Global Championship 2021

The PUBG Global Series is now all ready, comprising 8 European, 12 Asian, 6 American and 6 Asian-Pacific teams. It kicks off in November, and if you are a PUBG fan or even just a battle royal fan, this tournament is for you. Currently, there is a 2 Million dollar prize pool, but PUBG also puts forward %30 of in-game purchases towards the contest; there is no telling how big it will get!

The tournament will be held over 5 weeks, with 32 teams competing. Preliminary rank decision-making matches will be initially held to determine the 16 teams that will participate in the first Survival matches. After that, teams will battle it out, with the final games being held on December 19th.

Not only do we have our very own FURY GLobal competing, but we also have some exceptional talent that plays in the American teams. Keep an eye out for Luke "Luke12" Newey, playing for TSM & James "TGLTN" Giezen play for Susquehanna Soniqs. Both of these fantastic Australian players have been representing Australia on the PUBG Scene internationally for quite some time now and are incredible players.

Kicking off on November 19th, PUBG Global Championships 2021 will be an incredible 5 weeks of esports. EsportsAus are looking forward to following our Australian talent all the way!

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