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Pokemon Unite: The New Answer to the MOBA Gaming Genre

Pokemon Unite has been out for a few weeks now, and it's incredibly addictive. This game is Pokemon's Answer to the MOBA gaming genre and I think it got us hooked.

Pokemon Unite is a new game for the iOS and Android platforms. This game has taken the world by storm, with it being released just a few weeks ago. Pokemon Unite is Pokemon's answer to the MOBA gaming genre. It has been out since July 21st, and we can't stop playing it! If you are looking for an addictive mobile game that will keep you entertained for hours on end, then look no further than Pokemon Unite!

In Pokemon Unite you can choose from a variety of different pokemon to fight as.

There are currently over 800 different species of pokemon available in the Pokemon ecosystem, and although these are not all available in Pokemon Unite, it does prove that the game is only going to grow bigger! The graphics on the new iPhone X or Samsung S series phones make for an incredible display when playing.

If you have been looking for a MOBA alternative that will keep your attention glued to your screen, then look no further than Pokemon Unite! It's free too so what do you have to lose?

The game itself is played in teams of 3 or 4, with friends or without. You take Pokemon that specialises in defence, attack or support with other abilities in between. Each Pokemon has a suite of special abilities that are on cooldowns and can deal significant damage or healing. The game is fast-paced, winning by knocking out enemies, levelling up & ultimately scoring the most amount of points in the rings.

Pokemon Unite - Esport?

Most likely. The game has a huge amount of potential to have its own esports tournament. With mobile gaming starting to become as huge as console and PC gaming, the world of mobile MOBA is serious business. Pokemon Unite lends itself to have a league of its own, but it will ultimately be up to Nintendo. Is this what they had in mind? Or were they just bringing out an awesome, fun MOBA that almost anyone can play?

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