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The WoW MDI Global Finals - Season 2

The World of Warcraft, Mythic Dungeon International Global Finals had its second season with some of the most intense runs seen to date.

The finals came to be one of the closest MDI finals we have seen. With little surprise, Echo again was defending their title for the fourth time. On the other hand, Aster.Y was making history, as it was scarce to see a Chinese team in the finals of an MDI tournament. Still, this year Aster.Y shot through the ladder to show just how incredible they are.

Game one of the series opened up in Aster's favour; Halls of Atonement is arguably their best dungeon, with some confusion as to why Echo did not ban it. Echo dropping a couple of lives early in the first colossal pull put them behind and with little mistakes throughout the rest of the dungeon. It is what cost Echo the first round as the rest of the dungeon.

Round 2 saw the ban of Plaguefall and both teams moving into Theatre of Pain. If you know how risky Theatre of Pain can be, you will understand that a tiny mistake can cost the entire dungeon. However, Echo comes through this time with an incredible run that trumps Aster.Y with little competition. A 20second lead in a professional MDI dungeon is a considerable amount.

Going into the third dungeon, one win apiece sees Mists of Tyrnia banned and Necrotic Wake in the pool. This dungeon is incredibly fast-paced but also incredibly dangerous. Both teams are neck and neck, both with slightly different pull routes but in the end, getting to the final boss within seconds of each other. If there is one round you want to check out, it is this one, as the Necrotic Wake run put everyone on their seats. As the final boss ticks down, either team can pull this off-putting them in the lead to take out the finals with what would be one win to go. With seconds between them, edging slightly ahead, it looked like Aster.Y was going to take out the win. However, mistakes were made as the boss hit eight per cent, seeing two Aster.Y members die within seconds. It was over; Echo kept their excellent, experienced self's through to the end and took out game three of five.

In the final round, a fan favourite, Spires of Ascension, was up. With Aster.Y dropping a few members early, Echo convincingly took out the series to win their fourth Global series in a row.

Even with only a small amount of game knowledge, it was a series that would put you on edge, some incredibly superb viewing with some very perilous pulls. Both teams show why they were there competing against each other, with Aster.Y putting up an incredible fight. Echo, alas, brought it home again, proving why they are world number one.

If you missed the broadcast, check out the series below!

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