Is this the best Halo ever?

One of the most anticipated games in the last few years has been released, and it delivers!

Halo Infinite, an extension to the Halo franchise, has come to our PC’s & consoles with almost no disappointment. Its style of play lends itself to modern-day titles, with the open-world type of environments and linear storylines combined. However, 343 Studios have brought Halo to the front of our catalogues, and it is so hard to put down.

With an incredible opening sequence, recapping what has happened to Master Chief, you re-enter the Halo world to take back your home planet. As it used to stand, the game was a very linear environment running through worlds level by level, shooting and destroying anything in your path. Now, with the new open-world style, you can pick and choose your direction, allowing you to take different approaches to better yourself, upgrade your abilities and indulge in the storyline at your own pace. On top of this, it also keeps you looking for those little extra achievements in every area, which has made us go back a few times to try and complete a zone by collecting all the achievements within it.

Halo infinite’s primary campaign will set you back on average about 22 to 25hours of solid Halo gameplay and many more hours if you hunt down all the extra items. However, this game does not disappoint, and even on medium difficulties, the challenges and boss fights get harder and harder as you get deeper into the story. This game is tuned for all play levels and styles and adds to the master chief experience.

We here at EsportsAus highly recommend this game for anyone interested in a great couch game that you can come back to as you please, or an excellent binge game that you can smash out in a weekend or two! Go play on PC or Xbox or both!

Check out the trailer below:

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