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Everything You Need to Know About Far Cry 6

Far Cry 6 is being released on October 7th and here is everything you need to know.

The Far Cry series has always been known for its signature open-world gameplay, but Far Cry 6 is taking that one step further. The game will take place in the fictional Caribbean island of Yara and it's completely up to you how much of the story you want to uncover. You'll be able to play as a male or female character who can choose from nine different preset classes before starting out on your adventure. There are also six different pre-set faces available for your player character - each with its own personality traits and dialogue options - so there's no shortage of customization!

Far Cry 6 has been a long time coming, but by the looks of it, the team at Ubisoft has come up with a beautifully polished game.

You can also get creative with Far Cry's signature crafting system, but this time around you'll be able to make some pretty sick weapons. Far Cry will feature a wide range of customizable weaponry including sledgehammers and baseball bats wrapped in barbed wire or electrified batons that shock enemies when they come close enough. You'll even be able to craft your own specialized ammunition like arrows for the bow-and-arrow weapon using objects found throughout Yara!

The Far Cry series is returning back to its roots after the last few games - which were not received very well by fans or critics alike - took many risks that ultimately didn't work out as planned. Fans are excited about Far Cry returning back into familiar territory and we couldn't be more excited.

From concept to completion, Yara took years to create, the challenge to create a complete environment that also serves as an exciting playground that Far Cry fans expect.

The game has great graphics, beautiful scenery, animals that are both realistic and creative - which Far Cry is known for - as well as an open-world environment.

October 7th is the date to delve into this incredible game.

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