European Division 1 Dota Pro Circuit

On March 15, the European Dota 2 DPC commences with some of the best teams in the world set to compete.

It is, without a doubt, one of the most contentious regions in the Dota 2 Pro Circuit. The teams involved have some of the highest, most skilled ranking players globally, and the competition gets searing hot. However, these teams have big names but with lots of new faces. OG, Nigma Galaxy & Team Secret all have top talent; however, they all have new players on their rosters. These teams are yet to show what they can do since the league's shakeup at the end of the last International. With this DPC being the first time we will see these teams take to the stage with any absolute conviction, this tournament will be exhilarating!

The tournament kicks off with an exciting matchup, Team Liquid Vs Team Secret. These teams have players on each other's rosters at the last International. This means that they know different strategies, individual play styles and most importantly, what makes them tilt! These players are great friends but also now great rivals. Keep an eye out for the taunts, and the voice lines, as both of these teams, will likely go hard on the mental warfare!

The SEA Division 1 DPC Season has just finished with an incredible performance from BOOM Esports, taking out the title. Their final match against Fnatic was an astonishing series worth watching if you have not seen it already! Both these teams, alongside T1 & Team SMG, have qualified for the Major.

The Division 1 European DPC is the second regional league of the 21-22 Dota Pro Circuit. The top four teams will qualify to the first Major & the bottom two teams will head to division two for a second chance to climb up the ranks. It all kicks off on March 15, and for the following six weeks, we have some incredible Dota to watch!

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