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Esports in 2022 is going to be hot AF!

We are full of Christmas goodies, playing our newfound games and relaxing into the new year, but professional esports teams are starting to ramp up again as we do so. So here is what to look forward to in 2022!

No matter the style of games you prefer to play, there is something around the corner for you to get excited about, with some of the biggest FPS & MOBA and much more coming back bigger and better than ever!

Dota 2 - The International

Firstly, The International, Dota 2 will be back again. The DPC league is already underway, kicking off an impressive season that shows just how talented the competition is for the new season. We will be bringing you an update on how that season is coming along shortly; we do not have a date yet for the 2022 International, but Valve is usually excited to get it announced in the first quarter of the year. So, of course, we will be ready and waiting to keep you updated. However, we expect it in October or September 2022.

If you missed out on all the action in 2021, go check it out here.

Blast Premier - CS:GO

With some of the most impressive stage entrances seen in a long time, Blast Premier CS:GO, by all accounts, will be back to showcase some of the best CS:GO teams in the world with some high stakes gaming. This tournament has a history of bringing some super hot competition; for some reason, it is high stakes, the atmosphere is surreal, the teams are in their best form, and it brings to light just how good esports can be. The real question is, will teams be able to bring down the incredible force of NAVI!

The $425,000 Fall finals were held not too long ago, with some impressive gaming, go read up on what happened to get yourself excited!

FIFA Global 2022

We talked about this recently. The new Global 2022 format is exciting, effectively presenting FIFA 2022 tournament series much like the real thing, with tournaments being broken down into countries and continents to eventually bring the best of the best in the world together for one massive game. We have been following what has been unfolding, and we will find you all the latest news in the early half of 2022. The 1v1 playoffs will be from the 1st to the 3rd of July 2022. Also, in July, the APEX Legends Global Series. What is a high-intensity edge of your seat experience? Battle Royal competitions are always suitable for clutch gameplay viewing; with some of the best players and teams in the world coming together to compete, this one will be an excellent tournament to keep your eyes on.


Officially titled Dreamhack Melbourne, a franchise of the famous Dreamhack event, will help Melbourne in September 2022. This will host some great tournaments, and this is extremely exciting for Australian esports! Check out their announcement video from Dreamhack Day below.

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