What does Esports gain from being at the Commonwealth Games?

Esports is a massive industry, the focus is on how esports should not be considered as a sport, but what does Esports actually gain from being in an Olympic forum?

The 2022 Birmingham Commonwealth games are hosting the inaugural Commonwealth Esports Competition in association with the Global Esports Federation. Some people might question why Esports as an industry needs to bother with the Commonwealth or even Olympic games forums.

Esports is a vast industry, with competitions across the globe of size and nature. It is still a booming industry that will only get more decisive year by year, and to get a place in the commonwealth games is a big deal.

As an industry, this allows for breeding grounds. These teams representing their countries are usually not at the calibre of your high ranking private teams around the globe, but they are high-level players looking for a chance to compete at a professional level. It creates an environment for these players to learn, compete and at the same time represent their country on a global stage. It allows grassroots programs to have something to aspire to that is local and at a mid to pro scale.

On an exposure level, placing esports in this forum allows the industry to cut through into different audiences. It identifies the sport in a field regarded as “regular”. Getting esports into this category effectively starts the transition of esports becoming a much more recognisable, relatable, everyday source of sporting entertainment. It will educate and permit people that would not usually feel comfortable to spectate the opportunity to be more open about their interest in these games.

It is undoubtedly a bold operation, one that will have lots of eyes looking closely at its unfolding. But, after all, it is a trial, and if it is not considered a successful venture, we will quickly see the addition of esports in an Olympic forum disappear. The Commonwealth Esports Competition will be held alongside the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games on the 6th & 7th of August.

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