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DreamHack SC2 Masters Winter 2021 - Group Stage Oceania

The Oceanic Starcraft 2 group stage has started for this year's Dreamhack Masters and it opened with some incredible gaming.

Dreamhack Masters SC2

Opening up the season on Wednesday evening, the Dreamhack SC2 Master's Winter group stage for the oceanic region began with some incredible gaming. Opening games included Demi (Zerg) vs Seither (Terran), which were a prime example of what we have in store for this season as it was some heart-stopping Starcraft. Demi pushing back at the 15min mark after being dominated most of the game by Seither's incredible Terran play, only to claw back the win as Demi punished Seither's weak side bases with a small, impactful Zergling rush.

For those of you who don't follow much of the Australian Starcraft 2 scene, it is one of the oldest forms of esports globally. One of the best RTS games ever created has lent itself to a thriving esports scene, especially in Asia. Many people don't know that our Aussies are some of the best in the world, taking out multiple tournaments and competing at seriously high levels on the international stage.

The commencement of the Dreamhack Winter Master's series has shown us that our Australian talent is a force to be reckoned with, and with the skill that is coming out of these guys, it is hard to look away. So even if you don't follow SC2 intensely but enjoy watching esports, we here at EsportsAus highly recommending tuning into these series, as it is super exciting gaming.

There are 8 world-class players in the oceanic group stage, split into two groups. The series started on the 29th of September and runs through until the 5th of October. There is $12,200 in prize money up for grabs. The top two players from each group will advance to the elimination stage on the 1st of October to then climb their way to the grand final on the 3rd of October.

To catch all the action, and also catch up on the action, check out ESL SC2 Twitch Stream.

Group A

​Demi (India)

Seither (Aus)

Meomaika (China)

​Quantel (Indonesia)

Group B

RisKy (Aus)

Raza (Pakistan)

Teebul (Pakistan)

Probe (Aus)

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