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The $18m Dota 2 International Finals

It is a story that you would think only Hollywood would be able to write, but alas, The Dota 2 International brought some extreme highs and extreme lows with one incredible team coming out on top.

The main event commenced, starting off with some massive favourites, most of the teams in the upper bracket were expected to be there, with some big names expected to hold it out. Early on day one, we saw two teams fall, Team Spirit & OG. Both these teams have their own story, with OG being the defending two-time winning champions, and Team Spirit being the underdog Eastern European team with no expectation of getting much further.

That is where this Hollywood movie begins, the original two-time winning underdogs, OG, facing up against the new underdogs, Team Spirit. With round three in the lower bracket commencing, a lot of people were expecting OG to continue their journey, but Team Spirit had some alternative plans…

Game after game, it was Team Spirit, round after round, everyone did not expect them to keep pulling off the incredible Dota that they displayed. Knocking out OG, they continue to wreak havoc in the lower bracket game after game.

The final upper bracket game decided PSG.LGD into the finals, with another incredible cohort from Team Secret, expected to return via the scenic route, to face them again. Team Spirit & Team Secret (TS VS TS) commence an incredible series of Dota, with Secret convincingly taking the first game, only to eventually lose the series…

What just happened? Upset fans everywhere from some major esports organisations. Who were Team Spirit and how did they manage to pull this off?

Facing down the barrel at what would be one of the most difficult series of their life, PSG.LGD was no joke in the Dota 2 scene. The absolute hot favourites of the tournament, with the statistics to back it up.

One of the most gruelling best of 5 series in esports, with 18million dollars up for grabs…

Game One - Team Spirit

Game Two - PSG.LGD

Game Three - PSG.LGD

Game Four - Team Spirit

Game Five…Team Spirit

From the absolute depths of the lower bracket, day in, day out these five incredible Dota players climbed through some tough battles. They fought off some of the best teams in the world, with more resources and more experience behind them.

It is a story to get behind and a team that is incredibly deserving. Maybe, just maybe, playing on knifes edge every game is the recipe for success.

Team Spirit, a deserving win, the 2021 Dota 2 TI10 world champions.

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