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Dota 2 International Is Here!

The Dota 2 International Group Stage Schedule is out, and it starts this weekend. Want to know when your favourite teams are playing and when? Check out this handy schedule for Australia & New Zealand.

This weekend marks the 10th Dota 2 International & Dota 2 fans are super excited. As the teams come out of boot camps, they are putting themselves on the main stage to compete in the biggest prize pool esports has to offer.

The tournament is being held in Bucharest, Romania & unfortunately due to recent covid outbreaks, it will not have a live audience. However, you will be able to catch all the action online on twitch, even with drops available. There are two groups and they will be competing over the next 4 days to determine who goes into the main event upper & lower brackets. There are nine teams in each group. The top four will proceed into the winner's bracket, the bottom 4 will proceed into the losers bracket, and the lowest team will be eliminated.

Of course, being in Romania, not all games are at the best of times for us down here in Australia & New Zealand, but if you are still willing to ensure you know when your favourite teams are battling it out, we at EsportsAus have put together a few tables for you to know when teams are playing in our time zone.

See Day 1 below or head to the link to see the full group stage schedule!

The Dota 2 International Full Schedule - ANZ Version

Day 1

7th of October 2021

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