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The New Dire Wolves FIFA22 Pack

The Dire Wolves have entered the FIFA22 Global Series with a new pack and they are sure to make some heads turn!

With the turn of a new era, as covid starts to be managed better by us all, as doors swing open to locked down cities, the Dire Wolves have signed a new bunch of legends to represent their future in the FIFA 22 Global Series. The new pack comes off the back of losing what may have been one of their best players to date, Dylan. Over the last two years, Dylan has brought Dire Wolves some incredible success, having won the Oceania FIFA Global Series and placed for the FIFAe World Cup 2021. But Alas, this is not about ORDER, nor is it about Dylan, that's for another time!

We are here to talk about MIKEJ, MARRKK11 & ZACKARY of the Dire Wolves.

We think that this is one of the best teams Dire Wolves might have put together for their new FIFA journey. Both MIKE J & MARRKK11 are incredible players. However, their individual success to date, although nothing to throw away, hasn't tipped them over to get those big wins just yet. MikeJ brings a little more experience, an incredible player, having placed high in previous tournaments has shown a lot of promise over the last couple of years. Alongside him is MARRKK11, a talented 17-year old that is currently sitting in the top 3 of Oceania and doesn't show any signs of slowing down.

What will be truly promising is the introduction of ZACKARY. Zackary comes from a professional FIFA career and has come on board to be the Dire Wolves FIFA Coach. A wealth of experience and some really mature gaming, leadership and mentorship from Zackary might just be what these two players need to really start getting that tournament win.

Their own region has some top talent, just like Dylan, they now have to face up against ORDER in the oceanic region, although ORDER has great players, they better watch out for this trio coming into the scene, hungry for the title!

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