Breathedge - A quirky journey

A fun survival exploration game that is relaxing, comical and stressful all in one sitting.

Initially, this game is pretty non-descript; it doesn't let much go. You are just some guy floating around space that wanted to give his grandpa an intergalactic funeral. Little does he know that he is a part of some crazy conspiracy with a chicken.

You are stranded; your ship has broken down, and there is a chicken. There is junk floating everywhere, and you have to find material to make items and build better suits and equipment to progress and survive. The journey is somewhat linear, but with this sandbox feel to it. The developers of Red Ruin Software have been able to create an excellent game. There is a sense of freedom and isolation in this single-player adventure. Spending countless hours just floating through space trying to find and secure resources for the next task you need to get done allows for a sense of meditation. There are many items to discover and create, and each article or piece of equipment has its place and meaning, aside from all the random collectable items you can find floating around.

The challenges of Breathedge are in its breathing system. You only have a certain amount of oxygen in your suit tank. You can slowly upgrade as you get further into the game; this creates a challenge of giving you only a certain amount of time as you venture out from a spaceship or oxygen-filled area. So you need to have an understanding of what you need to go out and achieve or what direction you want to explore before you head out and have a good knowledge of when you need to turn around and go back. This mechanic is a little tedious. Slowing down the game, you feel incredibly restricted with what you can do and sometimes get frustrated at having to return for air just to achieve one task constantly. However, when you understand how to manage this oxygen mechanic, it can add this element of challenge and mental strategy into the game.

Breathedge is a terrific single-player game. If you are into exploration and survival kinds of games, then this is definitely one to check out. Its humour keeps you going and if you strategically attack the game mechanics, you can find yourself enjoying each accomplishment as you step through the story.

Check out the trailer below:

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